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Perhaps the greatest enemy of people with Dercums is despair - "a profound feeling that there is no hope". Our goal is to bring hope to doctors, Dercum's patients and their families with the following programs.


Though first described in 1892 by Dr. Francis Xavier Dercum most doctors have never even heard of this disease.  The education program seeks to inform Dercums patients and their doctors providing resources to them to help patients cope with this disease.  For more information please check our FAQ

Peer Counseling

If you  have Dercums Disease you may want to talk to someone else who has it.  If you are a friend / family member you may want to speak to someone else who is familiar with the pain of living with a friend or family member with Dercums.  You may have questions that your doctor has been unable to answer.  Our peer counseling program uses volunteers from the Dercums Community and will provide you with an introduction over email.  You may choose to speak via email, phone or even face to face.  For more information please Contact Us.

Doctor to Doctor

If you are a physician with questions about a patient with Dercums Disease,   We can assist you in finding an answer.  We can put you in touch with the foremost experts in the field to get you the help you need.  For more information please Contact Us

Online Community

We have a wonderful community on the internet of people who have Dercums and are there 24/7 to answer questions and provide an online hug.  Some groups are open to anyone, others are closed and available by invitation only.